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Everyone has different needs, different timelines  and different budgets. 

You can choose from any one of the options below or ask us for a custom quotation. 


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  • The Starter pages +
  • Online payment
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  • Online newsletter
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Not sure?

We can meet up with you or have an initial conversation to demonstrate the different options in style and set up that you can consider and then choose. 

We like to get to know you so that your preferences are considered and included in what we can do for you.

We want you to love your new website. 

Things to think about to get started

Give some thought to what you want your website to do for your business –  list the products or services that you offer.

This will be the basis of your website layout and the menu options.

This is the www thing and is the first step to getting started.

iI you have this already – we can start straight away.

If not –  or if you wish to have a new www address we can get started by registering this for you.

Let’s find out about you and then let’s share this on your website.

People do business with people and your customers love to know something about you.

Tell us what is important to you, why you are different and how you make your customers feel special.

Everyone likes pictures – this is how you can gain attention and create an interest in your business.

Gather any images you have that tell your story – images of you, your team, your business activities.

Everyone loves pictures and this makes visitors want to find out more about you. 

Offer your customers a seamless experience by inviting them to subscribe for updates about your products and services, offer online payments.

Invite them to events and provide an online RSVP and payment option.

Always be thinking of how you can capture the interest of your customers and how to make the online experience easy and safe and affordable.

More questions?

Not yet ready to take the plunge …

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