We are about creating something special


Capture your difference with our experience 

Customers see you before they meet you. Online is a busy place and you need to be different to stand out and at the same time show what you do and what you offer. We have experience in different business sectors from services to retail, distribution, manufacturing and more.   


Insight into your business needs

The content of your site is is like an engine that drives your online business. This demonstrates in well chosen words and images what it is that you do and how you do it. Good content drives the actions of your website visitors and measures the success of your online presence.  

Cost matters

Affordable pricing that meets your business needs

You can get started with a package from $950 that gives you a beautiful, branded website with a number of functions that you will love and find easy to use and update. If you need more you can upgrade now or as you go. 


Choose to work with us because ...

 We are all about  getting to know you and  spending time to understand what you want your website to do for you.

Only then can we start to create something special that is uniquely you.

We will give you what you want but not what you expect

Caroline Edginton

A belief in exceptional service

My experience in business has only strengthened my belief in striving to deliver exceptional service. Working across a wide range of industries and roles I know that the most important thing is to listen, understand and work with you to deliver solutions that are best for you and your business.

I will work with you to deliver a website that you will love and is best for your business with an ongoing communication between us to support your needs.

“Good service is good business – this is my belief and my promise and what you can expect from me.”

Caroline Edginton, Business Owner, CLICCSDigital. 

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